Hyper Helps RIDE Launch Australia’s 1st E-Scooter Rideshare Company In Melbourne

Black and yellow electric scooters are taking over Melbourne as the new transportation option for people wanting to get around the city in a fun and efficient way. Rather than taking their own cars or worrying where to leave their own bikes, commuters with a valid driving license are choosing to download the RIDE app, unlock a Ride and zoom away to their destination. When they’re finished they simply park the scooter in any place that they’re not blocking the right of way on the sidewalks, in order to leave the Ride for the next rider as a seamless part of the hassle-free RIDE experience.

RIDE Commits To A Positive Launch in Their Own Community

The first test run of RIDE scooters happened on November 4th at St Kilda’s Luna Park, where lucky visitors were invited to take part in some of RIDE’s very first rides. Robert Morrison, Chief Product Officer of RIDE, feels that RIDE is offering the public not only an alternative means of transport but also an opportunity for fun.

“RIDE can be a long-term partner in creating sustainable transportation solutions for the people of Australia.”

Three screenshots from the RIDE App

RIDE’s commitment to the community and the Riders is also apparent in the way that they’re launching their company. Taking the lessons learned from the hurdles faced by similar companies in the United States along with Melbourne’s previously disastrous experience with oBike, the RIDE team is determined to launch their service in a positive way right here in the hometown of the operational crew.

“Melbourne is our home. It’s where our team got together and made this happen. It was important for us from the get-go to not only make a great product, but to also help the Melbourne citizens come to value alternative means of transportation. The city has a great long term vision for transportation and we’re happy to get the opportunity to contribute to that. Our process is to work closely with local councils, to get more RIDEs out on the street as soon as possible,” adds Morrison.

Fortunately, good things do come to those that work the hardest and that commit themselves to quality. The first test run of the Rides was successful, with no accidents or citations reported and a 100% recovery rate of their Rides. Initial feedback from everyone that rode a Ride has been positive.

“Thanks so much for the great opportunity to see St Kilda via your scooters. We had a blast! We were stopped by many who were intrigued by them and wanted to know where they could get one. Fantastic service!” shared Cara and Paul Taylor after their first ride with the scooters.

RIDE Scooters are available across Melbourne, and the RIDE app can be downloaded from the iOS and Android App Store via www.rideapp.co. Riders need to have a driving permit, a valid credit card, and a smartphone running the app to be able to unlock the scooters. City regulations require that Riders have helmets and ride close to the left curb of the road, in bicycle lanes, or on one of Melbourne’s numerous bike paths. There’s even a bike map option on Google Maps that they can reference.

Behind the scenes of RIDE’s launch

When the founding team of RIDE decided to bring shared electric scooters to Australia, they knew before getting started what they’d do differently: focus on the local dimension, work closely with public administrations, and stay committed to their mission of being green and socially responsible.

When Aaron Weinberg, CEO and co-founder of RIDE, was faced with a 6-month timeline of getting RIDE on the market, he knew he needed to move 3 times faster than the competition. That’s when he put together a highly specialized team of some of the best in the world in their fields, which included Sasha Reid, CEO and co-founder of Hyper, a startup accelerator focused on building great products and helping founders become better entrepreneurs. Aaron and Sasha realized from the very beginning that they could work together to bring this venture to life.

“Sasha and Hyper understood from our very first conversation what the goal of RIDE was. From there, it was easy to share the workload and hustle side by side to make the app come to life. We reduced the timeline for launch from nine months to less than three and a half. We knew we were in good hands when instead of hearing only ‘yes’ to all our requests, we had serious conversations on finding the best solutions for our goals and Hyper would offer fast and efficient solutions to otherwise long term and difficult issues. Now, here we are today seeing how all our work is received by our users in real time in real life. Since the inception of our company to the day of launch Sasha and his team have never let us down and have always been there when we needed them, in fact, Sasha was even out there on the day we launched till the very end personally helping Riders learn how to ride safely on their first rides. You just can’t find that with most app developers these days. Working with a local Melbourne based team has been of great benefit to RIDE as a whole. Because beyond simply seeing our customer base growing rapidly, we also want to make sure they are safe and having fun when they go for a ride on a RIDE.”, says Aaron.

Sasha Reid, who can also add Chief Technical Officer of RIDE to the list of hats he wears, confirms the importance of paying attention to the users when building a digital business.

“When you’re building a business based on technology, you have to be aware from the start that the app is only the customer-facing touchpoint that people use to interact with your business. That’s why we work closely with founders that want to cross the gap between online and offline to help them create great experiences for their users and commercialise their app from early on. An app is so much more than the product you get on your phone. It’s got a business strategy behind it, it’s got marketing, partnerships, traction and how you use these to get investors on board,” says Sasha.

About Hyper

Hyper’s founding team is made up of ordinary people who built extraordinary technology businesses. Together, they’ve set out to help people realise their app idea’s potential and help them become the entrepreneurs they’ve always wanted to be. Over the last 12 months, 150 founders brought their idea to life through Hyper’s programs and the team has raised over $16 million for the top founders they’ve worked with. With offices in Sydney, Melbourne, London and Cluj-Napoca, the team prides itself on having the right skill sets and network to help every aspiring founder build game-changing tech startups.

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