From workshopping your app to the investor pitch, Hyper offers a collaborative, thorough prototyping process. We hold the belief that the process should be as interactive as the prototype itself. Our prototypes are built by our award winning European based design team to production-level quality, ensuring no throwaway cost by building on the prototype’s design and branding in the development phase. Furthermore, due to our developers being exclusively Australian-based, we lay simple, understandable groundwork, creating a product that can easily be adapted in the development stage.

Our five-step, 6-week process allows you to explore and engage with users, while we ensure cutting-edge design and the ideal user experience. The result? An intelligently designed piece of software that gels with consumer demand. How? Find out below.

01 Workshop – Duration 1 week

Our workshop allows you to run the full gamut of ideas, as we collaborate on defining the minimum viable product (MVP). This is where we can get the creative and technical juices flowing before proceeding to wireframing.

02 Wireframing – Duration 1-2 week

During this stage, we consult you on the core user experience. We understand that synthesis, between the interactive design and the user, is vital.

03 Visual design & branding – Duration 1-2 week

Next is our visual design and branding stage, where we scrutinise each design facet and create the look you’re after.  Logo, colour scheme, typography – this all starts to take shape as we hew as closely to your vision as possible.

04 Prototyping – Duration 1-2 week

It’s time for your prototype. This must be fully interactive, capable of your every demand, and pitch-ready. By entwining user feedback with your own assumptions, you’re able to progress with an app that meets user demands.

05 Pitch deck – Duration 1-2 week

For the final step, we create your pitch deck. With a structure and visual design in line with your vision established in step 3, the pitch deck is a comprehensive, powerful tool to showcase investors and demonstrate your main premise. Once these five steps are completed, you can expect a user-friendly, investor-savvy prototype that aligns with the interests of both groups.