Hyper, from Greek huper ‘over, beyond’. The name fits. As a global platform for realising game-changing ideas, we help your business go beyond borders and over the competition. As a pioneering entrepreneur or established company, you’re in need of a hands-on, top-tier team not only to create a product but progress your business to growth stage. We’re a startup to our core, with an ethos as simple as our apps – we want to coach our clients from concept to execution. We understand what that journey is like, and you need the best, in technology, in service, in the industry, to take you there.



At its core, Hyper thrives on its base of top-tier talent whose curiosity and excellence in this field embrace the most positive tenets of being a ‘startup’. Unlike many of our competitors, we ensure tight quality-control and superb communication by having an award winning European design team and an exclusively Australian-based team of developers. Our incubator program for employees, remote work options and other perks value the autonomy of our team members and ensure the integrity of our ideas. That way, the team can produce meaningful and high quality work, spurred by its passion for the industry.

Hyper Apps have been amazing throughout our app design and development phase. Once the prototype and pitch deck were complete, the hyper team worked closely with us through the capital raising phase which enabled us to raise $400,000 at a $2.3 million dollar valuation. We are over the moon with the quality and expertise that the Hyper team have been able to offer and highly recommend their services.

Michael Almond & Mark Sellar,
Kubo Founders

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